What our patients are saying about us


I am thoroughly satisfied with the care and treatment I have received from Dr. Trivedi. I have been seeing him for 7- 8 years. Dr. Trivedi has been excellent with his counsel and follow up. Very Satisfied.


I always feel well taken care of. Dr. Trivedi explains everything very well. I feel like I am in good hands. Thank you Dr. Trivedi.


My experience with Dr. Trivedi was a good one. He took care of me from day one. His office staff is very professional and nice.


Dr. Trivedi has been my cardiologist for a very long time. The staff is very professional. He cares for his patients. I will recommend him to all my friends and family members. He is a great doctor and person.


Dr. Trivedi is very friendly. We like him. We have a very pleasant time in his office. I like that he takes his time with my father. We like the new office.


I have been seeing Dr. Trivedi for 2.5 years. He has been a great doctor and since then he has made a big difference health-wise. I think he is a great doctor. I will continue seeing him.


I’ve been with Dr. Trivedi for 6 years. I love coming because he listens to what I am saying, and feeling, and he is very professional. He has really helped me doing my surgery. My family loves him.


I love Dr. Trivedi; Very professional and personable; would recommend him. His office personnel are proficient and courteous.


Atlanta Metro Cardiology has a great staff, and great facility led by Dr. Trivedi; would highly recommend him to anyone.


I’m very happy with the treatment I have received from Dr. Trivedi. He is a kind, understanding, and takes his time with you.


Everyone was very nice, and its nice to be treated well since you are the patient in need of help. The medical staff is very good. My medications are sent out in a timely manner. Dr. Trivedi is very smart and knows what he is doing; Always friendly. Keep up the good service. Thank you very much.


A very good doctor, and very very good cardiologist


Dr. Trivedi is one of the finest Cardiologist in Atlanta. Years ago I had so many problems with my heart, and I went from doctor to doctor. Know one could figure out what was wrong with me. After I met Dr. Trivedi, he really added time to my life. He makes sure that I am taking the right medications. I have never had a doctor that cares about me like this. There has not been a time that I have been in the hospital and he did not come to see me. He maintains my water weight because of my chronic heart problems. If you have any heart problems, you would want to have Dr. Trivedi as your cardiologist.

G. P.

Dr. Trivedi is an excellent cardiologist. He has wonderful bedside manners which means that he cares for his patients. He has been my doctor for more than 5 years. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good heart doctor.

D. W.

Dr. Trivedi is an excellend doctor with great communication skills. He has been very instrumental in my cardio and overall health.

R. P.

Dr. Trivedi has taken great care of me. The nurses are nice and helpful. The doctor always seems to be highly concernd.


I am very satisfied with Dr. Trivedi’s treatment. Dr. Trivedi cares a lot about his patients; Very satisfied. Dr. Trivedi is also a people person, as well as a great physician.


Dr. Trivedi is a great doctor. I wouldn’t have another, and his staff in the office are very sweet and understanding people.

N. M.

When my previous cardiologist moved out of state, he recommended Dr. Trivedi for continuing care. My PCP also recommended Dr. Trivedi. I am happy to state that I am extremely satisfied by the detailed attention that Dr. Trivedi has provided. Dr. Trivedi has been very thorough when ordering tests for my heart. Appropriate adjustments to medications have been made based on test results. I am greatful to have been referred to him.

W. M.

I love to come see my heart doctor.

J. W.

Dr. Trivedi is the best heart doctor I have ever had. He knows how to take care of his patients.

D. R.

I met Dr. Trivedi 6 years ago at Dekalb Medical. He was very thorough, and expressed concern with excellent bedside manners. Now, six years later, he is still thorough, kind, patient, and understanding. He is direct and ensures we understand why we take certain medications. Most importantly he eases your concerns. I would recommend Dr. Trivedi to anyone. Thanks for everything.

C. J.

I have been seeing Dr. Trivedi now for several years. I am very pleased with his services and staff. I love his new office.

E. B.

I am always happy with my doctor.

T. P.

I have been coming here since 2012 after I was diagnosed with heart failure, and every year I get better because of the right treatment and advice.

M. S.

He is a great doctor, and very caring. He takes the time to explain things to his patients. I’d recommend him to anyone.

T. P.

Dr. Trivedi is an exceptional doctor. He started my care at Dekalb Medical. I was admitted with chest pain. He took great care of me; he is very understanding, and compassionate. Whenever I am in the hospital, whether heart related or not, he comes to check in on me. I am very grateful and privileged to call him my cardiologist.

J. L.

He is a very honest but strict doctor who no matter the time of day has always been there. Over the years I have been hospitalized many times, and Dr. Trivedi has always come to see me. Thank you doctor Trivedi for being the best doctor I have.

R. P.

I think Dr. Trivedi is a wonderful cardiologist and since I have been with him I have been doing great.

P. G.

I have no problems with Dr. Trivedi. He’s open and positive and he tells me what I need to know. I thank God I’ve got someone to take care of me.

S. B.

I love my doctor. He is the best. He saved my life and kept me on the road to good health. Thank God for him and thank you Dr. Trivedi.

E. H.

Dr. Trivedi is my cardiologist. He is an excellent physician and a trustworthy doctor. I would recommend him to anyone.